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Baal Veer 2018 Popular videos | Baal Veer Video 2018

Baal Veer 2018 all episodes are superhits and children liked very much. In Baalveer serial, Baalveers is known as Bacho ko Bachane Wala Baal veer. All the videos of Baal veer 2018 have been watched by the children. Let us tell you that Baalveer serial was started in 2012 but due to some reason this serial had to be closed in 2016, we will discuss it further with you but today let us tell you that we Show some popular videos of Baal veer 2018 that you will surely like.

I sincerely hope that the children must have watched the Baalveer serial and they must have watched all the episodes of Baal veer 2018 because of Baalveer for the children in the Baalveer serial which lives as Ballu on Prithvi Lok. He saves children with his magical powers and helps good children. Just as there are bad people everywhere and harassing good children, so is Manav and Meher in school, there is also a boy named Montu who troubles good children.

Baal Veer 2018 Popular videos | Baal Veer Video 2018
Baal Veer 2018 Popular videos | Baal Veer Video 2018
Baal Veer 2018

In 2018, all episodes of Baal veer proved to be a hit on SAB TV and the kids gave a very good response to all those episodes. The story of Baal veer Season One seems to revolve around Baalvir, in Baalveer Season One or is shown that gives Baalveer fairy powers, but it only gives good and true childhood, among them, only Baal veer who has This power has been conferred with the help of these powers, Baalveer helps the good and true children and punishes the evil fairies. You can watch the some popular Baal Veer 2018 videos here lets start

Baal Veer Latest Episode, Baal Veer 2 Star Cast

You can see BalVeer serial 2018 episode 29 here. Let us tell you that in this episode of Baal veer it is shown that the children go inside the mobile and this is the plot of the Bhaynkar Pari of all the terrible folk. As soon as Baalveer comes to know about this, he makes every effort and brings the children out of the clutches of the Bhaynkar Pari. You can watch this episode by downloading the complete Soni live app. You may have seen this episode before but in this episode, you will have tried to know whether or not it is finally being done for the plot to trap Baal veer.

In many episodes of Baal veer 2018, Baalveer has to face many challenges and he faces many problems in which he gets stuck and he gets to choose one of the two things. Baalveer never gives up and he always inspires good children to walk in the path of truth and also makes every effort to walk in the path of truth.

In this episode of Baal veer serial, it is shown that Meher is having a birthday and his parents are going to prepare for the birthday but when Manav and Meher and Ballu come from school, their father asks that this time you should be in the birthday What is needed but Meher says that you give me the money, this time I will not take anything else on the birthday. This suspense has been kept in this video of Balveer Serial 2018, why finally Meher asks for money from his father and why he needs so much money.

Children, in particular, must watch this video of Baal veer 2018 because the children are going to have a lot of fun in this video. Participate but in this, Montu plans to harass the human Mehar but he eats it himself and on the other side Toba-Toba also plans Kari leads to terrible Public | This episode of Baal veer 2018 is very awesome, you must watch it.

Watch some episodes of Bal Veer 2018 right now. I hope you liked all of Baal veer Video 2018 episodes. You must have learned something from every episode of Baal Veer. Bal Veer SAB TV of 2018 was one of the most popular shows on the channel and the audience loved it very much. Baal Veer 10 was the most talked-about show of episodes 2018 and it got the most love from children, I sincerely hope that you must have seen it.

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Audience opinion for Baal veer 2018

The audience has a very positive response to the Baal veer 2018 serial and the children have given a lot of love to this show, which is why So has been launched on the Sab TV in the name of Baal veer Returns and we tell you Let us know that more than 100 episodes of Baal veer Returns have been completed so far. Baal veer Returns was released on 10 September 2019 and it has also given a lot of love to the viewers, Manufacturers of shelter is the boy-scout Returns and also try to make more attractive.

Baal Veer 2018 Popular videos | Baal Veer Video 2018
Rani Pari

Baal veer serial 2018 has full focus shown on Baal veer and the producers have been successful in showing it. The makers have tried their best in 2018 in Baal veer that this thing will sit in the minds of children. Goodness always wins and goodness wins. But someone always helps us. Baal veer helps good people with magical powers in the episode and punishes the bad people. In this entire episode, Rani Pari accompanies Baal veer and the whole Pari Lok appreciates Baal veer, due to which the courage of Baal veer gets stronger.


In the end, it concludes that you should watch all episodes of Baal veer. The makers of Baal veer serial have done very well in Baal veer 2018, the result of which is in front of you today that Baal veers serial is on the tongue of every little child in today’s time. Even Baal veer serial shirts and Baal veer games on the markets and many other things are available in the market which is very craze in today’s time and children want to buy everything related to Baal veer, whatever it may be.

Baal Veer 2018 Popular videos | Baal Veer Video 2018
Baal Veer 2018

The same message is given in every episode of Baal veer that you should always follow the path of truth. The makers of the Baal veer serial have made the Baal veer serial thoughtfully that this will put this thing in the minds of the children. If we walk on the path of truth, we will always win and we will spend our lives happily even if at that time we have There are many difficulties, but we should never leave the path of truth and always leave the support of our parents.

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